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The Ultimate Business Plan: Part 5

Part 4: Create Your Ultimate Business Series

This part consists of four 60-90 minute sessions. Please come prepared (what you need will be emailed to you!). Sometimes you will have extra research, or a “to do list”, to do between sessions, which will be emailed to you after the first session. Put together everything you have learned in Parts 1 to 4 in the Ultimate Business Plan.

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Course Description

In the Ultimate Business Plan, our final session for our business coaching pathway, we are putting it all together in YOUR Ultimate Business Plan. So many businesses fail at this point because they fail to put a business plan together, and guess what? They fail. A failure to plan is a plan to fail, or in the very least, for a mediocre performance… Businesses without plans either fail, plateau, or follow a very wobbly, long winded, path to success. A solid business plan will set you on a straight line from A to B, give you tools to measure whether or not you are “succeeding”, define “success”, and give you the opportunity to modify your business when something doesn’t work.

On this, business plans are not concrete, they’re fluid; we will show you how to “flow” in your business as the market changes.


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