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Yoga Powered by Power Plate

** FREE Introductory session available for the first 6 participants, and expires 29th April, 2021**

Friday, 21st May 12.30pm – 4.30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Enhance your Yoga practice with the Power Plate. This course will teach you to deliver an authentic Yoga practice, not simply yoga-moves performed on the
plate. This means you will combine all the elements of Yoga: breath, alignment,
transition, inwards focus, body awareness, and rhythms within your postures on the plate.
The only prop you’ll ever need when you teach yoga again!


Course Description

The only prop you’ll ever need when you coach yoga again! For regular yoga practitioners, supercharge your yoga-specific strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. If you’re a Power Plate trainer, harness the hormonal, emotional, and mental benefits of authentic yoga to balance your training and accelerate your client’s results.

This course add flexibility to your Power Plate offerings by bringing Yoga’s mindful, moving meditation practise in to the 21st century.


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