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Power Plate Discover Workshop

*Suitable for Home Users*
*Early Bird Rate in place until 15th January, 2020*

SYDNEY, Friday 12th February, 2021, 12pm – 3pm
Hosted at the IntoYou Studio (Collaroy Plateau, NSW)

Session is strictly limited to 6 Live and 6 Zoom participants.

* Attendance is possible via Zoom, providing you have access to a Power Plate

Upcoming Courses:

N/A – The above session is available via zoom, or host a session!
Contact [email protected] to arrange.

This 3 hour live workshop provides a practical introduction to the world of whole body vibration with Power Plate. Together we will experience how Power Plate can be used to prepare faster, perform better and recover quicker, enhancing any exercise typically performed on the ground. Whether you are an individual user with personal fitness or health goals, a fitness professional, movement practitioner or clinician, our goal is to empower you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to successfully utilize Power Plate as a means to optimise results and enhance quality of life for you and your clients.


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Course Description

Learn the fundamentals of this great piece of technology! Get you and your clients recovering quicker, preparing faster, and performing better!

Harness the technology to ensure you or your client’s are:

  • Better balanced
  • Gain stronger bones
  • Better coordinated
  • Faster reactions
  • Better recovery
  • Experience less muscle soreness
  • More powerful!


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