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Modern Pregnancy & Post Natal Certification Virtual

***early bird extended to 6th Feb 2023 !!***

Was your previous education high on theory and low on practical application in working with women?

This internationally-recognised women’s health course will supercharge your confidence and hands-on skills working with pre and post-natal women.  And you’ll attract and retain more potential clients by ensuring their success.

You’ll learn not only how to adapt your training to pre & post-natal women, but how to make it fun.

Book now to take your training to the next level

Course date: 20th April 2023 for 6 weeks (recorded to watch later if you can’t make it live)

Time: 12-2 pm Thursdays, Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney)

12-week payment plan available

Pay $82.80 per week. Click here now

Work with women for success

A snapshot of just some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Learn to assess for risk during pregnancy.
  • Learn to program truly functional exercises that will actually make an impact on their life!
  • Learn how to coach Intrinsic Core Synergy; the skill they’ll need to prevent pelvic floor dysfunction later down the track.
  • Hands-on releases that will get them out of pain, and make you look like a magician!
  • Learn thorough and exhaustive pre-screening techniques that will set you and your business head and shoulders above the rest!
  • Find out what to do with all the extra information you receive.
  • Do hands-on muscle testing, abdominal testing, and Core Restore coaching strategies.
  • Explore a way of thinking about exercise prescription which is liberating and specific to a mum’s daily activities and life-changing for her.
  • Understand the Kegal Continuum; the rehabilitation pathway from Kegals to full physical function.

We take care of the theory with awesome pre-course materials, so we can work on hands-on skills during the course time.

On completion of this course, you’ll become a certified pre & post-natal trainer and be listed on our directory.

“You have such a positive, passionate energy and a practical way of teaching that made concepts easier to understand. You have also got me thinking about a lot of things that I can add to my sessions and business which will benefit my clients and hopefully me!” Amanda

About Master Trainer Clare Hozack

Clare Hozack is an internationally certified Pre and Post Natal Master Trainer for Burrell Education, Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Accredited Fitness Australia Education Provider.

Course demo:

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Course Description

When you book…

You will be assigned to the next VIRTUAL course scheduled.

What happens after booking?

  1. You will be added to our register – lookout for an email from IntoYou; Specialised Fitness Sessions.
  2. One week before the LIVE DAY, you’ll be sent your LOGIN DETAILS to access the Pre-Learning, if you don’t receive your login details to your normal inbox, PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK BOX!
  3. Login to the Burrell Education online portal and follow the Pre-Learning directions.  You need to view all the content within and when you feel satisfied, please take the multiple-choice test that counts towards your final certification.
  4. If you have any questions and queries about the Pre-Learning Content, please message Course Admin, Clare or Jenny Burrell within the FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP for your course.

The Details…

What you’ll get in the Pregnancy Course:


  • Myofascial Lines and Biotensegrity Theory during Pregnancy
  • The ‘Kegel Continuum’® During Pregnancy Explained and Explored
  • Motherhood Movement Patterns® during Pregnancy – How to train the Pregnant woman for the life she TRULY LIVES!!
  • Links to Fully Updated Obstetric and Gynaecology Guidelines and Resources
  • The Role of the Midwife ‘From Booking To Birth + Beyond’ – Interview with Nina Parnham – Midwife
  • Red Flags and Referral Reasons in Pregnancy – Interview with Nina Parnham – Midwife
  • Pelvic Floor, Continence, Prolapse 101
  • Pre-Screening the Pregnant Client – Cautions, Contraindications, and Red Flag Conditions + Referral Pathways
  • Foetal Development Throughout the Trimesters Video Series
  • Birth Style + Interventions Videos – C-Section, Vaginal, Episiotomy, Forceps, and Ventous
  • Epidural explained
  • Obstetric Cholestasis explained
  • Pre-Eclampsia explained

Active Learning by videolink:

  • Global Pregnancy Exercise Guidelines + Birthing Stats
  • Special considerations when working with the Pregnant client
  • Global Optimal Nutrition Guidelines During Pregnancy + Useful Resources
  • PRACTICAL – Assessing alignment changes during Pregnancy
  • Dynamic Integrated Mobilizations (DIMs) for the Pregnant client – Pregnancy ‘stretching’ REVOLUTIONIZED!
  • The Myofascial System and the core during Pregnancy
  • Teaching Kegels and Progressing to Integrated Core and Pelvic Floor Exercise Using Conscious + Unconscious Movement & Imagery
  • Implication of Training the Pregnant Core and Pelvic Floor
  • Regressed Integrated Functional Exercise for The Pregnant Client – Motherhood Movement Patterns®
  • The Key Elements of Optimal Nutrition During Pregnancy – CASE STUDY PRACTICAL
  • PRACTICAL –  Assessing and Coaching Instrinsic Core Synergy® during Pregnancy
  • Communicating with another Health Care Provider or Referring Your Client
  • PRACTICALS – ‘Putting It All Together’ – Creating appropriate BESPOKE programming throughout all 3 Trimesters
  • PRACTICALS – Mindfulness, meditation and birth preparation practices for the Pregnant Client
  • PRACTICAL – Getting your Pregnant client out of pain – Simple soft-tissue strategies for back pain, Piriformis pain, knee pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for non-massage therapist.
  • The 4th Trimester and supporting your clients return to exercise in the Post Natal period.
  • Perinatal Depression Overview – How to support your clients to get help
  • The Burrell Education Business Hub – Foundation Module – Overview

What you’ll get in the Post-natal course

Course Contents Pre-Learning – Screening, the pelvic floor and nutrition

  • Myofascial Lines and Biotensegrity Theory 101
  • The ‘Kegel Continuum’
  • Links to Full Obstetric and Gynaecology Guidelines and Resources for your Country
  • Pelvic Floor, Continence, Prolapse 101
  • Diastasis Theory 2016 Update
  • Optimal Nutrition for Post-Natal Recovery Essential Elements Presentation
  • Fat Loss theory + protocols for the Post-Natal client
  • Pre-Screening the Post-Natal Client Video Presentation
  • Birthing Videos – Vaginal Birth, C-Section, C-Section Adhesion + Scar Tissue, Episiotomy + Repair

Course Contents LIVE VIRTUAL – Test and assess the post-natal core, the learn how to prescribe an effective and holistic approach

  • Australia + NZ National Post-Natal Exercise Guidelines + Birthing Stats
  • Special considerations when working with the Post-Natal client
  • PRACTICAL – Assessing alignment changes during the Post-Natal period
  • Dynamic Intregrated Mobilizations (DIMs) for the Post-Natal client – ‘stretching’ REVOLUTIONIZED!
  • The Myofascial System and the deep core
  • Teaching Kegels and Progressing to Integrated Core and Pelvic Floor Exercise Using Conscious + Unconscious Movement & Imagery
  • Integrated Functional Exercise for The Post-Natal Client – Motherhood Movement Patterns®
  • The Key Elements of Optimal Nutrition For Post-Natal Recovery – CASE STUDY PRACTICAL
  • PRACTICAL – Assessing and ‘grading’ the Post-Natal core – testing for Diastasis Recti + Assessing and Coaching Instrinsic Core Synergy®
  • How to communicate with another Health Care Provider or Referring Your Client
  • PRACTICALS – ‘Putting It All Together’ – Creating appropriate BESPOKE programming for an early through til late/restored Post-Natal client
  • PRACTICALS – Mindfulness, meditation and restorative practices for the Post Natal client
  • PRACTICAL – Myofascial Foam Rolling for the Post Natal client
  • The Burrell Education ‘Business Hack’

Post Course Content for Both Courses

  • Eternal access to the Facebook Support Group for ongoing support and education – hosted by Jenny Burrell + Your Live Tutor
  • Eternal access to the online learning portal + content
  • Video content of Diastasis Recti Testing and Testing for Intrinsic Core Synergy®
  • Eternal access to the course exercise library – Over 100 videos including Dynamic Releases and Mobilizations,  Core Exercises, Integrated Functional Exercise Progressions – EVERYTHING you need to create a ‘standout’ programme that GETS RESULTS! And you can return to view them over and over again!
  • Mindfulness + Meditation Content – for sharing with your clients
  • Visual Alignment Assessment video tutorial
  • Myofascial Foam Rolling for the Post Natal client full video tutorial
  • The Burrell Education ‘Business Hack’ Video Presentations

6 reviews for Modern Pregnancy & Post Natal Certification Virtual

  1. Emma

    I recently completed Burrell Educations Modern Pregnancy and Postnatal blended course online with Clare.

    I had previously studied pre and postnatal exercise however nothing compared to this course.

    The online mode of study made it flexible and achievable for me to complete with a young family and the portal was easy to navigate and use. The content was incredible. I have completed other courses online before and was left feeling unsure. Everything in this course was covered so thoroughly I feel confident in my knowledge and have gained so much.

    Jenny is so incredibly knowledgeable and easy to listen to during the tutorials and our weekly skype with Clare really made all the information digestible and easy to apply to a real life situation. Clare has an amazing ability to explain complex things in general terms really boosting our confidence in the knowledge and skills we were learning. She was always available to answer any questions. Insanely understanding of all the students who were studying with small (distracting children) and so welcoming to us all.

    The information covered was so beneficial to my business, my confidence and my knowledge and skillset. The principles of intrinsic core synergy and integrated core have become daily practice in my training now and my clients are loving it. If you’re after a course to up your skillset and knowledge, increase you confidence when train pre and postnatal clients I couldn’t recommend this one more.

    Thank you Clare, its been an absolute pleasure

    Emma, 06/05/2020

  2. Sonia

    I must share with you, I absolutely love the intrinsic core synergy, it has helped me so much. And I love all the task driven activation – and so have my mums whom I’ve shared it with (lol nope i didn’t video, i get too involved when i’m in class!). I’m finding that it’s becoming really natural for me to integrate the breath and PF activation into my own home workouts. It feels sooooo good. So, THANK YOU!!!!.
    Sonia 06/05/2020

  3. Lisa Michell

    Thank you so much for delivering an amazing course which I didn’t want to end! I’d highly recommend it for anyone who is thinking of enrolling. I’m feeling much more confident in the programs I deliver to pre and postnatal women and have already noticed changes in my clients through applying the techniques that we learnt. Thank you!

  4. Sarah VG

    Feedback on the course – I loved it, I loved how the focus is on functional movement and lifestyle, and I love the Kegal Continuum. My business partner did a pregnancy course last year through a different group and from our conversations I learned a lot more and she really liked learning the Kegal Continuum from me too. You’re an awesome teacher, I love your style and how you deliver your classes, it’s a no bullshit approach that comes across as very genuine in the goal of simply wanting pregnant women to be healthy and function well. I got a lot more out of it than I thought I would, I was expecting just to learn about contraindications to exercise and how to modify but I came out with a much wider and more holistic idea of how to train during pregnancy. I’m so glad I chose this course and I’d recommend it to anyone, so thank you!

  5. Jess Lunderstedt

    Thanks very much @Clare. Such a great, comprehensive course. I’m stoked to have had the opportunity and love the way you teach. Thanks so much x

  6. Jo Hartley

    Yey, Thank you so much @Clare. So pleased I managed to complete both. Definitely had a few light bulb moments and has help me on my own recovery journey too.

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