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From Deep Core Dysfunction to Heavy Lifting


Whether you train them to do it or not, it’s likely your clients are lifting things in their day-to-day life, even if they have deep core dysfunction.

In addition, we know lifting can support health as we age. So should we really be avoiding it with these clients?

Rather than avoiding lifting, this course, designed for health and fitness professionals, will help you assess which movements are safe for your clients with core dysfunction. You’ll also learn how to train them to progress—both for their overall health and to improve their lifting ability.

Continuing education credits

If you’re a Fitness Australia-registered health professional, you’ll receive 3 CECs for this course.

What is heavy lifting?

Heavy Lifting is a broad, generic term that is used to describe weight lifting. It’s generally advised against for people with deep core dysfunction.

Guidelines also are not clear on precisely what “heavy lifting” is.

This course tells you what you need to know by looking at the research available on the subject, then implementing a start-to-finish program demonstrating how to use the knowledge we discover. You’ll be able to:

  • Assess what heavy lifting is for your client
  • Understand which movements are of a concern, and the role their deep core might play
  • Find out whether different weights are appropriate for different exercises
  • Create a start-to-finish program based on the research and your new knowledge.

In this course we offer you a system of training that will take your clients from deep core (and pelvic) dysfunctions to heavy lifting; for example hernia, diastasis, low back pain, incontinence, abdominal surgery, and spinal problems.

You’ll need to work in conjunction with a supervising Allied Health Professional and tailor your knowledge for each client’s circumstance.


Course Description

You must be a Fitness Australia registered health professional to collect 3 CEC’s from this course, From Deep Core Dysfunction to Heavy Lifting. That said, anyone can benefit from learning then following this process after a deep core event, such as hernia surgery or childbirth.

From Deep Core Dysfunction to Heavy Lifting will take you about 3hrs to complete – 1hr of reading, and 2hrs of viewing. There is a multiple choice exam at the end, after which your certificate will be emailed to you automatically.

This course will download automatically on purchase. You will also be provided a link within your purchase note (after checkout) as alternative access to the course.


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