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From Deep Core Dysfunction to Crossfit

why train clients to return to crossfit?

Because we can… Crossfit has gained a bad wrap for encouraging incontinence and ignoring pelvic floor dysfunctions, but there is a way to do it safely!

Have you ever had a client who suffers chronic back pain when doing Crossfit? or one that says they have hernia or prolapse? You can ignore it and hope it goes away, you can avoid the stuff that hurts it and hope it goes away, OR you can actively be a part of their rehabilitation by completing this course!

This course aims to smash the misconception that you can either rehab your pelvic floor OR do crossfit. We say you can do both, with careful modifications and a good team around you, you will literally change your female client’s lives.

Furthermore, Crossfit is excellent training, it’s short, sharp, powerful, and spends a good amount of time on mobility and rehab. We should not discount this brilliant exercise modality because of it’s reputation and lack of deep-core-qualified trainers.

*This course will download AUTOMATICALLY on purchase. Please check your DOWNLOADS folder (sorted by date) before contacting us*

**You must be a registered Personal Trainer in order to attain Fitness Australia CECs.**

This course has been approved for 2 CEC with AusREPS (Fitness Australia)


Course Description

A prescription of exercises from deep core (pelvic) dysfunction to cross fit; for example, hernia, diastasis, low back pain, incontinence, abdominal surgery, and spinal problems. This process has to be worked through in conjunction with a supervising Allied Health Professional and tailored for each client’s circumstance.


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