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Core Dysfunction 13 CEC Masterclass

Core Restore Masterclass Bundle for Trainers:
Learn the steps to transforming clients’ pain – and your business

Do you know how to restore your clients’ core? Are you actively part of their rehab whether from hernia, pelvic floor or spinal problems, or are you losing them to injury or Pilates?

This 13 CEC online at-your-own-pace course will help you build your clientele and keep them! Learn to how take to make positive improvements in your clients’ well-being – from restoring their core to running a marathon, lifting heavy weights, participating in Crossfit again or whatever activity brings them happiness.

The course will guide you through practical, evidence-based progressions, logically and step-by-step. It will make you a trainer who is indispensable. :-)

These FOUR online courses will download automatically. After purchase, please check your “downloads” folder (make sure it’s sorted by date, with most recent first). Links to viewing and assessment are contained within the Participant Manuals.


Course Description

Earn 13 CEC at your own pace with our Core Dysfunction Masterclass series. All courses are online.

Bundles includes (click on bold text to view detailed content):

6 Step Restore Your Core and Pelvic Floor Program (6 CEC)

From Deep Core Dysfunction to Running Long Distances (2 CEC)

From Deep Core Dysfunction to Crossfit (2 CEC)

From Deep Core Dysfunction to Heavy Lifting (3 CEC)

5 reviews for Core Dysfunction 13 CEC Masterclass

  1. Tracy

    Great course, lots of valuable information that I as a trainer have started to use already. So transferable, using this on my athlete clients as well as post pregnancy!

  2. Mark

    Spoke clearly and easy to understand, enjoyed the demos

  3. Deborah

    I would strongly suggest that this type of information should be a requirement for all establishments that accredit Personal Trainers.

  4. Kirstyn

    Very clear and knowledgable. Love the fact that she just had a 7 month old baby, very motivational in that aspect alone.

  5. Jessica

    warm and positive. easy to understand and presented information in a direct, yet simple manner. didn’t overcomplicate things.

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