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Women’s Health Study Group

Over here in the Southern Hemisphere, we may LOVE Burrell Education, but we miss out on a lot of the live content available on her various mentorships and events. In our Live courses, most of the questions centre on specific clients and circumstances, and what to do in these circumstances. As a solution we are thinking of starting our own Southern Hemisphere study group, which is part mentorship, part collaboration, and part all-your-questions-answered.

In one live, face to face a month (via Zoom or Facebook Live, and we may do one a fortnight if we get lots of questions and participants!), we will start with some of the trickiest clients we’ve had at IntoYou; including clients with liver cancer, stage 3 prolapse, chronic and severe back pain, heart disease, hernia, depression, birth trauma, MS, Osteoporosis, and breast cancer (sometimes multiples of these!). The common theme will be that these clients will be almost exclusively women, and issues that affect a disproportionate number of women.

We will progress to taking the magnifying glass over some of YOUR trickiest clients, current and past, and also offer support in between sessions in the form of a private Facebook group.

Sessions will run on the first Monday of every month, 1pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. All sessions will be recorded for later viewing and reference, and there’s an option to increase the number of sessions if we have lots of clients and situations to discuss. As an international business coach, we also have an option to increase the sessions to include a business mentorship.

The purpose of the group is to learn from our collective experiences, and all our experiences are valid – one thing may have worked for you, or your client, but won’t work for someone else, and that is OKAY!! So speak up!

Lock in $19/mth by using the Direct Debit sign up below (use your name as a reference).

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Lock in $19/month and never pay more by completing our Direct Debit here: Women’s Health Study Group Direct Debit Form

Every time you refer a trainer to join us, you’ll get that month FREE – so make sure we know their name!