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Balance for Busy Mums

Train balance for busy mums in 6 easy steps!

three CECs with Fitness Australia – you must be a fitness australia registered exercise professional to collect cec’s from this course

Fitness Australia registered professionals will receive 2CEC for completing this course.
Why do this course?

This course has been designed to help guide your ‘Busy Mum’ through a comprehensive 6 step program to assess and improve their balance and their life.
Balance is not only essential for everyday tasks, at any age, but can also prevent injury if you need to react to a sudden change of direction. Being a mum to young children demands that of her body multiple times of day, every day so training the body for that makes perfect sense right?

Furthermore, pregnancy changes a woman’s centre of gravity, her mobility, her ability to balance, her feet (and more!). Post birth, she often inhabits a different body to the one she lived in before. Often times, she experiences back pain, plantar fasciitis, and other niggles that didn’t bother her before. Balance training can help engage her core in a functional way. Women are also 1.5 to 2x more likely to experience a ligament injury than men, simply because Oestrogen keeps their ligaments long and supple. On the plus side, women are generally more mobile, on the down side, they have to work harder at controlling their joints to prevent injury.

Balance is not just good to have, it is essential for healthy functioning after having a baby, no matter how old her children are!


Course Description

Train for balance with your Busy Mums and Change their life!

Your content will download automatically on purchase. Check your “download history” after you’ve completed the process (there’s also a link in your Purchase Note if the download fails or is blocked, so keep a copy of it!).

For trainers, you collect your 2 CECs through the following steps:

  1. Read the PDF downloaded on registration named PARTICIPANT MANUAL (1hr)
  2. Watch the videos (links contained in the Manual) (45min)
  3. Follow the links in the PDF to complete a multiple choice exam.
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