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If you’re following us on Instagram – chances are you’ve seen the text “link in bio”! Like every insta-worthy business, we have collated all the recent link-in-bio links for your convenience here! Links are in bold next to the date posted.

22nd May 2023: Free Trial in our Women’s Health Mentorship here!

21st May 2023: Support your post natal client’s mental health with Post Natal Depletion mini course here!

20th May 2023: Self Care through Delegation and Ritual

17th May 2023: Join us live on Facebook every Monday at 12.30pm Australian Eastern Time for great Women’s Health Training Tips! This month: Weights without Weights…

16th May 2023: Post Natal Depletion mini course here!

14th May 2023: Self Care through Delegation!

13th May 2023: Guide Women to Better Health here.

12th May 2023: What is Self Care?

11th May 2023: Inflammatory conditions affect women more than men. Learn what you need to know about Training Women here.

5th May 2023: Learn the all the skills you need to train women in a truly functional way – Training Women course details here.

4th May 2023: FREE Course! 5 Things to Change Right Now When Working With Female Clients – Sign up here!

3rd May 2023: Join us LIVE every Monday at 12.30pm AEST to get your women’s health questions answered. Follow our Facebook page to get notified! This month we’re talking weights… without doing weights: creative and cost-free solutions to loading the bones and muscles.

1st May 2023: Its the TWO YEAR anniversary of our Women’s Health Mentorship!! To celebrate, use the code EP23OFF for 10% off any of our mini courses (which are just stand alone modules of our Mentorship), as many times as you like, for the whole month of May!!

Clare Hozack explaining diastasis

25th April 2023: How Training Women is Different to Training Men: Training Women course

21st April 2023: Why a C Section isn’t the easy way to birth…

20th April 2023: What is Self Care and Why do we Care about it??

17th April 2023: 40% off Modern Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise and Wellness this April with the code ONEDAY

11th April 2023: Watch Video – MYTH: Pregnant Women Shouldnt Lift 

Screenshot of Clare Hozack explaining why Pregnant Women should lift

6th April 2023: Follow Clare’s Hiking Adventure on the IntoYou blog! Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Meet The Team, Day 5, and Day 6 !